US military shoots down "flying object" off Alaska


US military shoots down "flying object" off Alaska

the US military has taken down a mysterious flying object in American airspace. The incident took place off the coast of Alaska and posed a significant threat to national security, according to the White House.

John Kirby, the National Security Council Spokesman, revealed during a press conference in Washington that the flying object was located at an altitude of approximately 12 kilometers (40,000 feet). He stated that the object was shot down on orders from President Joe Biden due to its potential risk to civil air traffic.

The origin of the object remains unknown, with Kirby stating that "we do not know who owns this object." The launch site of the object was in the northeast of the country near the border with Canada. The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, confirmed that he had been briefed on the operation and fully supports the decision taken by the US military.

Kirby disclosed that the flying object was first sighted on Thursday evening and President Biden was informed immediately. The object is said to be significantly smaller than the Chinese balloon that was shot down by the US military last week. Kirby described the object as being "about the size of a small car."

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