Vatican praises U.S. court abortion decision, saying it challenges world


Vatican praises U.S. court abortion decision, saying it challenges world
REUTERS/Guglielmo Mangiapane

The Vatican's Academy for Life applauded the United States Supreme Court's abortion decision on Friday, saying it forced the world to think about life problems but also urged societal measures to assist mothers in keeping their children.

In a statement, the Vatican department also said that the preservation of human life could not be limited to individual rights since life had "wide societal meaning."

The United States Supreme Court took the extraordinary step on Friday of rejecting the historic 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, which affirmed a woman's constitutional right to abortion and authorized it nationally.

The academy stated in a statement that "The fact that a huge nation with a strong democratic record has altered its stand on this topic confronts the whole globe." 

The verdict was slammed by US President Joe Biden, a devout Catholic, who called it a "sad day" for America and labeled the court's conservatives "extreme."

The verdict of the court, according to Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, is a "strong call to ponder" on the topic at a time when Western civilization "is losing love for life."

"By choosing life, we accept responsibility for the future of mankind," Paglia remarked.

According to the Roman Catholic Church, abortion is murder since life starts at conception and ends with natural death.

Pope Francis has likened abortion to "hiring a hit man" to get rid of a troublesome individual.

The academy statement also urged societal reforms to make it easier to protect life at all stages.

"This also includes providing proper sexual education, assuring universal access to health care, and developing legal measures to preserve the family and motherhood while resolving current inequities," it stated.

"We need strong help for moms, couples, and the unborn child that involves the whole community, urging women in trouble to continue with the pregnancy and commit the child to those who can ensure the child's development," it stated.