Russian nuclear submarines carry out missile exercises in the Barents Sea.


The press service of the Russian Northern Fleet said that the nuclear submarines "Severodvinsk" and "Smolensk" successfully carried out missile-throwing operations in the Barents Sea.

"Two nuclear submarines of the Russian Northern Fleet launched missile strikes against a group of warships of the supposed enemy in the Barents Sea."

The Russian sailors were able to successfully hit the difficult target site, which represented a group of landing ships of the supposed enemy, using caliber and granite missiles at a distance of about 200 km, "he said.

The crews of the nuclear missile submarine "Severodvinsk" from Project 885 "Yasen" and the nuclear missile submarine "Smolensk" from Project 949A "ante" took part in the launch.

The elements of the two submarines are trained in joint missile throwing operations, one of which is the simultaneous hitting of a target by different types of winged missiles with different speeds and flight characteristics.

The statement pointed out that the objective monitoring data showed that the missile launch was successful, "the statement said." "

The statement noted that the firing zone was closed to navigation and air traffic at that time.