Putin’s Plans have been turned upside down! The Russians Have Retreated


Фото: російський флот відійшов від берегів на понад 100 кілометрів (

The Ukrainian military is making progress in the Black Sea. The Russian fleet was pushed back from the shores of Ukraine by more than 100 kilometers.

The invaders decided to change tactics to regain control over the northwestern part of the Black Sea. To do this, the enemy has deployed coastal missile systems "Bal and Bastion" in the Crimea and the Kherson region, and is deploying additional forces on Zmeiny Island.

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There is also the possibility of landing troops on the Odessa coast and the threat of missile strikes on Ukraine. The invaders began to use outdated anti-ship missiles more often to fire at ground targets.

"This indicates that the Russian Federation has used a significant number of modern missile weapons and is forced to use outdated types of missiles, the reserves of which are sufficient to strike our territory," the report says.

In addition, about 30 Russian ships and submarines continue to block shipping.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Russia has struck nine civilian vessels, one of which sank. As a result, two sailors were killed.

 Russia has blocked 68 foreign merchant ships from Ukrainian seaports.