Putin Has Lost Control. High Death Toll of Russian Generals in Ukraine


High Death Toll of Russian Generals in Ukraine a Blow to Military Capability

Since the Russian military operation in Ukraine began in February of last year, the Russian army has had a number of setbacks, the biggest of which was the deaths of important leaders and generals during battles with the Ukrainian army and the Ukrainian resistance.

A reporter for one of Russia's official news outlets said today, Sunday, that a Russian general was killed in eastern Ukraine. 

The report was put out by Alexander Sladkov, a reporter for state TV, on the Telegram app. It said that General Roman Kutuzov had been killed in the Donbass, but it didn't say when.

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On the other hand, the Russian Defense Ministry has not said anything about it yet.

According to a report on the American "Newsweek" website, Russian officials said in April of last year that eight important leaders had been killed so far.

Russia considers the number of military deaths a state secret and hasn't changed the number since March 25, when it said that 1,351 Russian soldiers had died since the beginning of its military campaign.