Eurovision was auctioned in order to acquire drones for Ukraine.

On stage with the trophy in Turin

The Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra won this year's Eurovision Song Contest. To raise money for the war in Ukraine, they sold their trophy for $900,000 (£712,000; €838,000).

The crystal microphone was put up for auction on Facebook to raise money for Ukraine's military to buy drones.

The sale happened at the same time that the band played a charity show at Berlin's Brandenburg Gate.

The goal was to raise money for medical supplies and care.

Since Russia invaded on February 24, it has also forced more than 14 million people to leave their homes. Towns and cities have been turned into piles of rubble.

"I think it should always be on the front page, until peace comes," said Psiuk, whose win at Eurovision was widely expected before the competition. Their song, "Stefania," was originally written as a tribute to Psiuk's mother. Lyrics such as "I'll always walk to you by broken roads" have been reinterpreted as a rallying cry.

Serhiy Prytula, a TV host in Ukraine, told Reuters that the money from selling the trophy will be used to buy three PD-2 drones made in Ukraine.

Both Ukrainian and Russian forces use drones a lot, both as weapons and as spy planes.